About Alanya

Alanaya is beutifully located at the bottom of Taurus Mountains in southwestern Turkey. The city is located in the province of Antalya, aboout 140 km from the city of Antalya, is located on the Mediterranean Sea and its beautiful beaches.

Alanya is popular with tourists from Scandinavia, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands among other countries. The population is usually about 175,000 but is increased to approximately 350,000 during tourist season. Alanya has Mediterranean climate, which means hot summers with alot of sunshine and rainy mild winters. During the high season that are between July and August, temperatures may reach to 45 degrees celcius and have high air humidity.

In Alanya, Turkish is the mother tongue, but in many places English is spoken. At most of the restaurants menus are available in several languages.  The larges minority language spoken in Turkey is Kurdish. The country’s largest religion is islam and the one that is practiced the most.

In addition to the long sandy beaches, some are even more than two kilometers long, there are also great shopping and other pleasures. In Alanya there are also an intresting castle from the Middle Ages that has great view, 150 towers and a wall with a perimeter of 7 km.

The city that offers Turke’s best nightlife has many resturants, cafés and nightclubs to choose from. The turkish cuisine is tasty and are recommended. An exquisite meal can be found, for example, on one of the many small streets and alleys of Alanya or below the mighty castle.